Inclusive social youth entrepreneurship for change''


          NORDIC CULTURAL POINT PROGRAMME – Learning mobility for empowerment

                                                  Nordic youth training -  15 . 21 . 2018

      This training promotes entrepreneurship spirit among the immigrant youths in Sweden, Denmark and Finland for the sustainable development of communities.  Participants will be trained as multipliers to support entrepreneurship among young people in the different communities.

Entrepreneurship has been widespread in Europe and today is almost a must because behind new ideas that has been revolutionizing society, there is always a visionary that with his talent in addition to analysis, planning and implementation capacity is responsible for successful ventures.

This training will bring participants for a 6 days working session. The training will be held in Helsinki Finland from the 15 .21. 2018.

 This mobility project is an important opportunity to provide a management concept, to improve immigrant youths knowledge , skills access of labour market, enlarge social competencies, to give the necessary tools to find accurate understanding of immigrant issues, mobility to find motivation to be key actors of sustainable development where they live and the way to improve social responses of youths.

Gender balance will be a priority in the selection. This training will be achieved through a method of non-formal education and English will be the language for communication.

Host organization

PACUNET- Palace and Cultural

For more information contact the association organizers:

Walter Fondo

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Victorial Victorial Ndu

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