An intellectual exercise in order to understand a subject in its .See more


 We disagree in order to agree when seeking for a solution.See more



By collective reasoning, rational contributions are provided..See More


By raising diverse opinions we are able to make proper assessment for common interest..See more



Our strength lies on disputing in order to agree. This is after a rational investigation of the fundamental problems which we intent to answer.  This is the period of brainstorming or think thank session.  Disputing leads to development of concepts and the possibility of resolving our differences.  It ushers a force of unity, especially a union that is build from a diverse cultural background influence by our particular heritages.

Our members have grown towards a sense of belonging with particular awareness that disputing is not for hatred but to understand how human we all are. This multicultural competence has actually developed into the deeper conscience of each individual.  Through values we can best understand how to use arts to reach to all in polishing the society.

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