Executive committees

ADMINISTRATION OF PACUNET- Palace and Cultural netWork

Meet the Executives Committees of PACUNET Ry
Waloter Fondo

Executive Director

Fondo Walter

Dr Fondo Walter is the Executive Director of PACUNET- Palace and Cultural Network. After studying philosophy and theatre arts, political science and law, African history and ethnicity and international cooperation, he proceeded into higher research on what he considered as conventional wisdom in the realm of arts and metaphysics. >>Read more



Vice Chairperson

Lisa Rokala Elizabeth

Lisa Rokala has obtained many academic honours. After her   MA degree in social services (Uni D), she spends several years working in different international organizations. During this period she has acquired huge experience in her services in social life and welfare.  Her engagement in humanitarian works is unique. She has helped in building many organizations and hold positions of responsibility in different capacities. Drive by the passion for building universal peace comes from her heart which is resulting from the passion for universal good.




Dayo Iwaola

Dayo Shola Iwaola Bachelor of Social Services, Community Development and conflict management (Diak) has held several positions of responsibility in other organizations and committed to the best of his ability. He has represented the organization both locally and internationally his expertise is very much in demand.


Cordelia Nnassy

Financial Secretary

Cordelia Nnassy

Cordelian Nassy holds a degree in accounting and a master in banking and finance (UniB). Has working with many financial institutions for the past five years. She is very efficient in the management of records and devoted in the task.



Organising Secretary

Archibong Eyo Okon

Eyo Okon Archibong graduated from (Uni CA) with an MA in linguistics and minor in visual arts. He also holds a BA in hospitality management. He has been on the field with different responsibilities. Eyo Offers lessons as a dance instructor in schools and also some private groups. He has been at the front of many successful events thanks to his expertise in planning.



Public  Relation  Officers

Gloria Besha

Glorial Besha.  Hold a ( BA) in arts and ethnic relation and also a( BA Uni DS) in social services. Has been on countless arrant both locally and international. Open minded in character and fast in negotiation. Her long experience in the NGO has empowered her with more additional skills.



Public  Relation  Officers

Viviane Bossina

Viviane Bossina.After her graduation from the Academy of Mount Ursula, New York City, Fort Lauderdale High School Florida USA,  She continues to a high institution of learning both in Uni Havana Cuba and UAS Finland and obtain a(BAUni HL) in business management. She has travelled a lot and has been at the head of the negotiation in different occasions.



Public  Relation  Officers

Raja Ditya

 Raja Ditya holds an (MA) in international Relation and major in History. Has obtained a (BA uni ID) in performer arts; He has visited a number of countries for special assignments to negotiate dialogue for a common interest with other organizations. Love to share ideas with different cultures and very relax to meet new people.


Cultural producer

Schubert Daniel

 Daniel is an Indian artist, as a cultural producer works in the field of art and culture - more often behind the curtains and backstage. He organizes an event‟s scheduling, budgeting, marketing communication, customer service, and other organizing support for the artists and technical participants.