Dear participants as the days draw closer there are some few more important things to be informed about the training course in Helsinki Finland. These include your travelling and general information.


-We have your itinerary and we will do our best to help you get to accommodation place without any ---problems.

- Make sure you have with you 6,50 cents when you arrive the airport for local transportation.

-Take a copy of the invitation letter with you when you are traveling as a way to avoid problems in the border services

- Check all the details of your flight tickets and kilos of your bag to travel. Do not lost your flight please.

Reaching the hostel further:

Although we have some volunteers to pick some of you up from the airport we will appreciate if you could kindly read this direction carefully on how to arrive at the hostel from the air port. This is very important given that we have a very large group coming we might not be able to pick everybody.

Helsinki is not a very big and complicated city as compare to others. The transportation system is well plan. From the air port. There are two possibilities to arrive to the euro hostels. You could either come by train or by bus.  If you decide to come by Bus, the Finnair bus leave every 10 minute at plate form 6. The bus stop is just in front of you as you exit from the airport. Finnair bus brings you straight to the central rail way station. While at the central railway station you will find the Sokos hotel just beside you.  In front of Sokos Hotel is the tram stop. Please take tram four (4) to the direction toward the North. The tram brings you very close to Euro Hostel. I will recommend you ask the driver should you have any doubts please or call me for any further information by this number +358(04)453188108. But if you prefer to come by train from the airport you just have to take the elevator down to the soft way. The train from the Tikkurilla direction is shorter to the central railway station.   The train is little cheaper compare to the bus.  The bus will take about some 20 minute to the central railway station while the train takes about 15 minute.


It is important that you change the protocols of your mobile telephones for their correct functioning during your stay in Helsinki Finland. You can ask for roaming service in your country before travel. In case you have Viber or WhatsApp it will not be a problem for you to use in the youth hotel because we will have access to the Wi-Fi.

Weather condition:

Its summer time now but we will recommend you come along with warm clothes for the weather is little bit tricky some time. It sometime gets cold in the evening and in the morning.


- Fully guaranteed by the organizers and with internet access.

- We will stay in rooms with 2 or 4 person per room, but not in the same bed.

- You will not need, but its good if you bring your own towels and some personal stuff (for example Shampoo, perfume, slippers....)


- Food is full guaranteed by the host organization.

- Also if you have any dietary requirement (such as not eating port or bring vegetarian) please let us know in advance to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Anyone that need specific foods please let the organizers know until the 7th of May.


-The currency is EURO

-Normally things in Finland are not very cheap if compare to other Nordic countries.

- The are machines in the lobby where we can buy water, coffee, Chocolate, cookies, juices .....

What to bring with you?

-Bring your organizational information to share with others, Like books, brochures, peddy paper, Newsletter, flyer. It will be good to network with other organization and expand your network.

- The will be an intercultural evening. It's not obligatory, but we strongly recommend you to bring some original and traditional things from your countries. such as clothes. flags or photo images,

- We shall have time to visit some place for sign seeing and also a free time for you to take a little break for yourself.


- Note that we will need you to participate in all activities of the training during the work days.

- We will be taking some picture to promote the activities and provide some physical evidences of the training. So please we will appreciate your acceptance to be part of the group picture is crucial!!

- You will need to provide your details and sign the list of participants of the activities that will be implemented

Personal care

- If you are having any health problem please let us know so as to have we can help us or provide some preference to that.

- Kindly do not forget to bring your medication with you if you are on drugs please.

- Remember that Obtaining a health and a full travel insurance is your own responsibility and at your own expense. The information you provided on any special needs does not remove your own personal responsibility for ensuring your own health.

Further information

Please kindly do not hesitate if you have something to know before your arrival to us. You could either call or sent information through any of the social network.

contact persons:

Walter Fondo

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel:  +385(0)453188108

Victoria Ndu

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel:  +358(0)465464096


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